Loaded up my cart and sale ended!?

$289 worth of stuff that’s back to full price now. Apparently I missed checking out by 18 minutes. Is there a way to buy at the discount prices still or do they not want my money. I’m not interested in paying full price because I was 20 minutes late lol.

If you’re still interested in making those purchases, email [EMAIL=“”] and provide links to the content you were attempting to buy. Those situations will be handled on a case by case basis, but we’ll coordinate with the sellers to see what we can do.

I’ll do that. I appreciate the quick response. Thanks.

Something happened to me!!! I spent hours looking at the deals :((((

Just made a new thread about Christmas sale:…er-monday-sale

Thank you Unreal_Josh, I will e-mail them :slight_smile:

Everyone (including epic) would’ve benefited from extending the sale duration like years before.…er-monday-sale

If I remember correctly, last year they sent our emails to sellers asking if they were cool by being included in the extended period, and nobody hated some more sales as people would still continue flooding the store for a few days. I hope you consider extending the next events sale duration.

Thats why I handled my prices by myself… price will go with discount till end of week, it is just good business practice imo :slight_smile: If I was a salesperson… I would be rich by now, but Im just a tech guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Would’ve asked them to schedule our packs to be on sale from 28th until 3-4 days more if I knew this year sale won’t last more than 24 hours. The big problem here is that if you want to ask for them to schedule your packs to go on sale you should reach them at least 2 weeks before your intended sale date which is exactly whats preventing us to setup our own sale right now…

I never even received an e-mail about the sale and I am signed up on the e-mail service. If I did not just happen to check the store that night I would have never even know there was a sale going on.

Well, hopefully there will also be a Christmas sale.

@JohnADaniels I got a mail in the morning of the day it happened. did you check your spam folder?

Yeah a few of Epic’s emails lately have been showing up in my spam folder for some reason. Never used to, so not sure what changed.

Actually , I went back and checked, but did not see anything, weird! I sent an e-mail to the address that Unreal_Josh posted above and they said they would ask each developer if it was ok to sale to me at the Cyber Monday discounts and get back with me. Very nice of them!