Loaded level is not loaded at all

Hello everybody,

In BeginPlay in one of levels im using load stream level:

I have simple question: Why the level is not loaded(rendered) completely? (at first 0,5 - 1 seconds)

Video for sure:

Could anyone help please?

What you can do probably is using a Sequence, (In Blueprint Rmouse click and search for Sequence) this way you start everything at thesame time because all the streams are connected to one starting point… Now you start three menu’s after each other, mayby this was the problem.

Another idea is this:

What you could do is insert a delay track. Or a fade track with Matinee. This way your menu has some time to startup, so you won’t feel it like it is buggy.

In Matinee, Create a Director Group, add a Fadetrack. Animate the values, 1 is totally black, 0 is visible, if i am right, place some keyframes and create longer or shortes fades.
A Delay can be added trough the Blueprint. Just Rmouse click and search for Delay. Play with the Delays between your Blueprint setups and see what it does.

Something i found out today, if you start a fadeout into total black before starting a new streaminglevel, the fade value stays. This means that in the new loaded levelstream the screen is still black. Well some ideas to consider!

This is what i would do, if you set this up in your Persistent Level with three seperate menu’s it should be a good start? You can still use a fade track or something else for of the start is a bit buggy rendering al the content. At least some ideas :), Hope it works!