Load video frome storage on OculusGO / Quest / Android

i’m trying to build a 3D viewer with a video player in Unreal for Android /OculusGO / Questbut i can’t find a way to read the video file frome the storge of the devices.
I need to play 360° video and i got a 4GB limits on mobile so i need to play directly from storage.

I can play the video if it’s in the obb installer but i want to read from the “movies” folder of the devices itself.

I request and check android permission (android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) in a blueprint and i got “True” but i can’t read any files.
I tested different path like


It’s a limitation of the Unreal Engine?
Can anyone point me to a valid workaround or have any suggestion?

Did you found solution? about android 4gb limit?

Were you ever able to load a movie file from the device?