Load video frome storage on Android

i’m trying to build a 3D viewer with a video player in Unreal for Android but i can’t find a way to read the video file frome the storge of the devices.
I need to play 360° video and i got a 2GB limits on mobile so i need to play directly from storage.

I can play the video if it’s in the obb installer but i want to read from the “movies” folder of the devices itself.

I request and check android permission (android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) in a blueprint and i got “True” but i can’t read any files.
I tested different path like


It’s an Android permission problem or a limitation of the Unreal Engine?
Can anyone point me to a tutorial or have any suggestion?


I’m doing something similar
my media file assets are already pointing to videos in the movies folder
when i debug log the url of what the media player is playing it says
“MediaPlayer opened file://…/…/…/U419P4GearVR360vid/Content/Movies/3.mp4”
where U419P4GearVR360vid is my project

i can play any video if it’s inside the packeging file made in Unreal, with the classic Content/Movie folder, but i want to load the file from the storage of the devices.

So i want to have something like “MediaPlayer opened file://storage/emulate/0/Myfolder/MyVideo.mp4”.

But there is no way to open the** .exo** file since it is encrypted and the video file is split into chunks of** .exo** files. Even if you have one offline video stored in your phone you can find more than one** .exo** file under Internal Storage. They are nothing but the encrypted exo files that can only be opened through the Youtube App.

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I don’t get it, my file in the storage folder are .mp4 files…

As anyone got how to do it?
Any news?

hi, anyone got lucky on this topic?

I’m using ue4.21.1 and I’m still having this problem the video plays in the Mobile Preview, but in the android build it doesn’t play!!! please halp

There is a dirty way. Instead of packaging launch it on your Android device from UE4. It worked for me.

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Hi! I’ve found this topic on Internet because I have the same problem (Im using UE4.26).

Did someone find the solution?


Hello there,
first of all, you must build a simple app, with maybe one video. Then, for other videos use an open URL function into blueprint with file:///storage/emulated/0/Myfolder/MyVideo.mp4, and then instead of building the app, try quick launch. It does the job in my case.