Load variables from file

Hello everyone. Could someone help with C++ code? I was trying to find the C++ code for loading string variables from txt file. I only found the code for loading booleans and int data from file. I need load string like -

(inside of texts.txt)
nopermission=“You dont have permission to access”
welcomemessage=“Welcom to …”

I know it can be solved through string data table, but I need to load from file and load it via blueprint as variable. I have no problem using UE, but I am a beginner in using C ++

Thanks so much

I can’t really answer your question directly, but why not use the built-in Config system in Unreal? Or is this meant to be localized text?

Yop, its a language file. I know that it is also possible to set the language in the UE program, but I want the variables to be loaded into my blueprint from the file. I want blueprint i.e. setText to read a specific variable from a file … There is a option to create ini file, but this is only for boolenas/int/float data. I need code for reading strings. thanks