Load Variables from Client side

How can i load a variable from client player controller? or how can i set “user index” for all clients in load and save functions? this is for spawn a select character, previous selectionated in the main menu

Load in game instance

Load in Controller

you can save the value as a int from what character selection menu gives you and then you can set that variable to GameInstance class so that it doesn’t reset when you change the level. After that you can get reference of game instance class in your bp and retrieve the variable value.

the “index user” ? i set a lot of variables in main menu, and then spawn this character in the gamemode, but i cant spawn this variable in the clients, only the local player can, if i load this variable from game instance, the player character 0 set all clients for the same character have it set

Then try getting controller ID value. By


node. This will return you int value of the player controller, try getting this from server