Load times super high.

Hello guys! Its been already many days having the same problem, the Loader and specifically the Marketplace is super slow. I have a 300Mbps internet connection, working flawlessly for everything else, but when I try to navigate the marketplace its taking almost 10 seconds to download a 3.2MB image, most of the time I need to refresh many times to fully load the site.
I’m feeling like dialup all over again! Btw, also tried with a Canadian proxy, still the same problem!
Its not a loader problem, I’m having the same issue in the Marketplate website.

Additoinal Info:
Origin: Argentina
Latency to 170ms

Thank you!!

Hello there! So, a bit of more info about this issue. I have discarded a internet or latency issue and I think the problem is mostly seen in the launcher when I click on a detail image to zoom, if it doesn’t open the image, the entire marketplace tab get frozen, but still load times are ok…