Load streaming level but make visible after certain time

I am trying to load a stream level which I can do no problem.
But I only want it to be visible when I tell it through blueprints, to make it visible.

For instance the stream level loads at begin play, but only becomes visible when pressing a key

How do I do this?

NVM fixed it with a Get Streaming Level and set visible node

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Is it working? Does not seem to work in multiplayer in 4.21

it works in 4.2 for me, never tried multiplayer so can’say anything about it. But if you do it at the level blueprint it should work in multiplayer for all players i think.

Ok, hope it works, I think it should be called on every client to work, will check it later.

yeah it sounds logical to me to check it on every client, however i don’t know how UE4 works with clients, servers etc. when it comes to the level blueprint.

Hello there, I’m going through quite a suffering here… I’m pretty new to Unreal, using it since September in my studies.
I can’t find the way to set the streaming level visible after a certain time. Get streaming Level works fine but I can’t find any node to set it visible on UE 4.25.3.

If you want to make the streaming level visible only after X amount of time you have to do this;
First load the streaming level
Second have delay node and set the time to how many seconds you want it to delay
And last set the streamed level to visible.

This way the streamed level gets loaded, UE4 waits X amount of time and then makes your scene visible.

Thank you. The problem was that in some way I couldn’t make it visible because it was inside an event. The node “Set should be visible” didn’t work inside this custom event…