Load Save and how to know when a level is loaded

Hello everyone I’m working on a save System in c++ and so far everything is fine, but I’m stuck at 1 thing.

First off, let me give you some details about the system, the game is divided in levels : level 1, level 2 and so on.

The player is able to save whenever he wants.

A save contains the level name is related to and all the objects data I wanna save for this particular level.

The player can also load whenever he wants (that’s where I’m stuck and i feel noob :frowning: )

The problem is not to load the level of the save but it’s to be able to catch an event ASAP the level is loaded to be able to set the objects at their corresponding state to reflect the save.

Right now, I use the GameMode::BeginPlay() to set all the objects level data to reflect the save, but it’s not working pretty well. Also, I feel it’s a bad way to do it.

If someone knows a more top level event to catch on to do my stuffs or if someone have a better idea, I’m open to everything.

Thanks for any suggestions