Load Project Issue

Alright so the power in my house went out and my computer died during me working on my project in unreal engine.

And now i get this everytime i startup my project.

One of my Maps are missing as the image above says its just a TestEnviroment (Thank god)
But im also missing my Main Characters skeleton everytime i open it up even if i import it and and fix all anim bluperints and all that and save.

This is a pretty big issue, and im doing my best to find a solution. But if anyone on the community could give me som tips i’ll be really thankfull!!

Alright its good now i think.
This is how i solved this

Character Skeleton (All missing assets): Close down unreal engine, find the assets in the Dir Folder, and manualy delete them. Then open up Unreal Engine 4 and reimport those files.

TheTestEnviroment, is kinda doomed, i cannot find any way to save it. But its just a Test enviroment so i was very very lucky it was just that one.

What i have learned from this is TAKING A BACKUP! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this might help someone else with this issue!. ^^