Load plugin python script

Is there a way to enable/load plugin through python code?
I was trying to enable ‘python editor script plugin’ and ‘sequencer scripting’.


You could write a python script that would modify your uproject file to add the lines to enable the plugins you want. And then start the editor with your project.

I have an that will get executed when my uproject is opened.
But this will work only if ‘python editor script’ plugin is enable.
I am trying to add a code to my to enable this plugin.
Could someone help me with that code?

Sounds like a chicken and egg problem. You cannot have the to execute without python enabled before hand.

If you cannot open the project to enable the plugin you need to manually or through a separate automated process add something like this in your uplugin file.

"Plugins": [
        "Name": "PythonScriptPlugin",
        "Enabled": true

Thanks Flavien