Load & Play Youtube Videos in game?

Hi All!
[NOTE]: trying to do this on IOS
Title is pretty self explanatory, just wondering if we could lookup youtube links in UE4 and play them?

If that’s not an option can I load it into UE as an asset? I don’t really want to add a 200MB video to the already rather large file sizes that UE deploys though…

Any suggestions?


I think with free plugin you can embed Google or any other website like YouTube to the scene. : WIKI

Have a good day

Thanks ! That’s an awesome plugin! unfortunately I read that it doesn’t seem to work with mobile… Any other ideas?

I doubt there’s a mobile-ready solution just laying out there for free. If you have code for your project and know c++ then i suggest looking at projects like Chromium Embedded Framework and trying to recreate it with mobile version of chromium. Though that might work out only on android, as i doubt that iOS has anything chromium related.

For mobile , try it , it’s work with IOS, get your trial here : http://coherent-labs.com/ is same that VaQuoleUI Plugin

Hmmm, I kind of need this done ASAP. I heard there was a media framework coming in 4.5… not sure if it will work with mobile though.

Ah , i don’t know , i am watching - Platformer Game Demo Twitch for new