Load Pictures from file and Render to cubes at Runtime

Hi,i meet some problems when i try to finish my own UE4.20 Project, The details:i use WebCamera to take photos and save picture in a file(the number and the name of the pictures is random),after this,i load these pictures from this file and render to cubes in the game (one picture one cube) runtime,at last, if the game is over,i want to delete all the pictures in the file.
that sounds a little difficult and complex, i am happy you can give me some key tips,if you can give me all the solution codes,i think i will happy more,thanks a lot.

同时, 我们不建议一个帖子里面包含太多不同方面的问题, 更推荐的方式是一个帖子里仅有一个单一明确的问题.

关于如何读取硬盘中的图片文件, 可以参考引擎代码中ImageWrapperModule的用法, 代码示例可以参考FImageUtils::ExportRenderTarget2DAsPNG

你可以参考http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4658024891?pn=1从本地文件夹读取图片,然后再将图片render to cubes.