Load non-assets from pak at runtime

Hi. I have figured out how to make my custom pak files using UnrealPak.exe.
This allows me to fulfill my first requirement to hide my content from the client.

I am hoping to create many of these pak files, one for each ‘module’ in the game the client may decide to ‘play’.
Because these files are plentiful and large I do not want to load them all, or load them unnecessarily. so by 'pak’ing up each module individually, my second requirement of modularity is also satisfied.

So far so good. My problem occurs when I try to mount the pak file at runtime and load a file (other than a uasset) such as an xml, txt, etc…

has anyone been able to do this?
The “Directories to copy” option does not seem to fulfill my need to hide content from the client.
Is there any way to read these files from the pak at runtime?

Hi quentin252,

Could you provide a snippet of code that shows how you are mounting the file and attempting to load a file from it?

thank you sir for the reply…

ok, now I think I understand,
once the pak is mounted, the files are just there, virtually.
and can be used as needed.

ok, I don’t quite have it…
I was able to use some mounted files, such as loading media into a media player from the pak.
But I was unable to access xml files with my c++ script. All this code works before 'pak’ing files.

Recap: I am mounting a pak file to the Engine Content directory, and then I am trying to use the mounted files, which seems to only work when using the UE FileSystem… maybe?

So my current problem, how will I access my xml files within?

ok, I have retrieved my sanity (and some understanding)
I was able to access the xml files by using FFileHelper … not sure why that works… but I am a happy camper.

so once the pak is mounted,
all files are virtually there,
but only accessible using the unreal built in file helper classes.