Load Level with speciifc PlayerStart


Currently in the menu we load the level use the below blueprint:-


But it simply load level with the first PlayerStart (if I am not mistaken). But
Now we have several playstarts, we want to be able to load level with specific playstart.

So question is: can we specify it using the option field (as in the above image)? Or is there any other way? I have already searched for this, but to no avail.


Yes you could.

Add an option that you name for example “ChosenPlayerStart=” and then use for example a Name for a Tag or a number for an Index.
What ever you use to identify your PlayerState. So something like this “ChosenPlayerStart=4”.

Multiple Options should be split with a question mark: “ChosenPlayerStart=4?ChosenPlayerCharacter=BlueCharacter?NumberOfPointsFromOldLevel=14223” etc.

In the other map, you can get these “Options” inside of the GameMode. There is a so called “OptionsString” Variable. Could be named a little different, but something
like that should exist. You then need to split the OptionsString with the available StringFunction to get the Correct Number.

For example (if you have more than one Options) Split them at the “?”. Then Split them at the “=” and check the left side of the Split for “ChosenPlayerStart” and if that
matches use the right side of the Split for your Index or what ever you passed.

Wow …great thanks eXi… Just like what I had searched for.
Btw, where did you get all these information? I tried to search within the source code (after trying to find in the doc), but source code is just way too big…lol