Load Level vs Streaming Level

I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about streaming levels, as in large open world settings. But this doesn’t fit into my kind of game. I guess my play style is a bit “old school” in the fact that there are very different closed levels. My questions is, is making on large “Persistent” level with sub-layers best practice for my type of game? Or should I stick to making box triggers and load screens?

I’d love to about this too!

Haha wow rustbucket I asked that question over a year ago. We found the answer. Level Streaming is the way to go and it’s not nearly as difficult as we anticipated. UE4 just did a “how-to” on their YouTube page so check it out and it should give you a complete run-down on the basics and get you started.

Thanks bootstrotter, I didn’t even notice how old your question was!

I’ve got level streaming up and running but I’m having trouble getting certain things to work, for example I have a sequencer cut scene that works when I test the level directly but the same cut scene never runs when I stream the level in.

This is driving me crazy as I suspect I don’t get the finer details of streaming. My game is like yours, closed off levels you progress through in a linear fashion, therefore I thought I would revert back to “open level” and save my sanity

@rustbucket1971 are you starting the cut scene using event beginplay of the level that needs to play it?

if yes then it won’t work since event begin play triggers before the entire level is loaded so I would suggest you call a remote event from level above it in calling hierarchy and add a custom event in your required level

Yup that’s exactly what the problem was. I’m calling it with a remote event and the sequence is firing in the right level. Also helps me refine exactly when I want to start it so that’s a bonus.

Thanks everyone for the assist!

pleasure is all mine!
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