Load Game Level on Main Menu?

How do you load a previous level from the start menu? When i say load i mean as in start from the last level.

My old ways is to load the level from a portal but i really want to just load the player where they left off on the
saved level.

Make a name/string variable in your savegame blueprint, that is called “LatestLevel” for example. Whenever player quits the game or enters a new level, make it upgrade the variable with the name of the level. In the main menu “Continue” button should then load/open the level via “Switch on Name” and choose the LatestLevel.

Having a hard time recreating this can you take a screenshot of what you mean?

Do you have save game system created already? So that the game makes save file from where to load? If not, this tutorial for example helps you to make it:
When you have it, do like this. The upper picture is something you will have in each of your Level blueprint, somewhere after the “begin play” node, and after you have casted to the savegame file (should be explained in the youtube help I think), so that you will have the blue reference available. Or whatever timing you want, when quitting works too.

The second picture is in your Menu Widget for example. When you click the menu button “Continue” it will open the level acording to the “LatestLevel”, which was set in the the level blueprints.

For the savegame file, you just need to add the variable “latest level” in it and do nothing else.

Yeah the Saving and Loading is working fine the Saver however is not the levels its the main character with a BeginPlay and saves the game.

The 2nd picture is set but it wont work because of the 1st one.

The 1st picture however it has me confused are you saying to create a Cast to the Save Game type? I cant understand it and i never seen that
blue thing before, can a you explain that a bit more?