"Load Game From Slot", with 1 Bool takes 10 seconds?


The first level that loads has nothing in it but a back ground with a UMG menu that allows the player to choose a level or load a saved game.
If there is anything in the save file and you run “Load Game From Slot” and then “Cast to SaveGame1” It will take about 10 seconds even to read one bool.

What is interesting is when the same load nodes commands are run from inside the actual level it is almost instant.
Maybe it is fast in the level because it has everything that it might be referenced to loaded and then on the main menu it has to go and check for something.

I am not for sure what is going on, if you have run into this could you please help.

Thank you,

If anyone else has this problem the issue was the save file had some arrays that were “Object References”, after deleting those the loads were super fast, like under 1 second.