Load FBX from path - UE5

I’m trying to load an fbx object from a certain path so I can just replace the fbx in the path and the new object will be available in game instead. (before compilation)
Is this possible?

This is difficult to do. I wanted to do this and ended up having to either write a custom FBX loader that built the mesh and UVs in custom C++, or (what I actually did) have a resource folder of possible content and adding to the scene from there. This gave me in-game scene editing. (Trying to duplicate Ready Player One style world called UberMundo. It works great but the project currently on hold.)

Doing the resource load required some custom C++ code.

So in blueprints I ended up with functions like…

And getting all the assets is like

And this is complex so two pictures…

And some name demangeling…

Any way. Loading assets at runtime is complex.

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Wow, thanks. This looks very complicated, I’ll try to get that working, thanks :pray:t3: