Load .FBX files during runtime with UE4 - what are my options?

Hi everyone and happy holidays!

I am a UE4 beginner who is currently working on a small project in which I will need to dynamically load .fbx files during runtime. I.e. I want to build a Windows application in which the user can supply a .fbx file as a command line argument (or similar) which will then be shown in the UE4 level. Is this possible at all with UE4, or should I look into other engines?

If there are ways in which the fbx file must be converted or built in any way before passing it to the built UE4 app that would work as well, as long as it is very easy for the end user to do so. Preferably, I do not want to require that the user has any extra installations (like UE4 Editor) on their system, just the built application and a collection of fbx files.

I’d really appreciate any help on this issue!

So he availale options are:

  1. Write your own fbx loader module in unreal rutime module, as the current one is in the editor module, and can’t be redistributed.
  2. Convert the fbx with a commandlet to your own model type, and then generate it dynamicly at runtime (may be performance hard).

While this is a cool idea, there are a lot of issues you can run into with this; scaling, normals, degenerate polys, pivot offset, smoothing… etc… Just making sure you’re aware of the limitations and exceptions presented in allowing players to load FBX files.