Load character after landscape

That is rather usual. disable movement and lock z position during load, enable/trigger both after the level is all loaded.

Hello, what to do to make load in this order:

  1. Load landscape
  2. Load character

Because if it in reverse order - character fall somewhere to hell

i also did helpful script aka “get spawn location => if Zvelocity not 0 => move to spawn location =>delay-repeat”. It working, but i looking for more usual method

Another strange method i found - “when character spawned => spawn static collision under character (invisible plane) => if XY Velocity >0 destroy collision”
And it’s also working. But i don’t wanna to complicate so much such simple process - loading character in world. pff

How to know when it is all loaded?

Upd: disable movement realy solve half of trouble, thx!

Easiest way is to line trace the floor and only allow movement if a hit result is present.

Done it. Here steps if it’s necessary for someone:

  1. Disable movement
  2. make line trace and rotate it to ground (Y-90)
  3. if landscape overlap success - enable movement back., if no - delay-repeat

Thanks MostHost LA!