Load audio settings on game start


I’m using custom UGameUserSettings class where I have my custom variables as MasterSoundVolume and MusicSoundVolume.

After player opens settings menu and manipulates with some setting I can just call:

FAudioDevice* AudioDevice = GEngine->GetMainAudioDevice();
	if (AudioDevice != NULL)
		AudioDevice->SetSoundMixClassOverride(MusicSoundMix, MusicSoundClass, MusicVolume, 1.f, 0.f, true);

But I’m unable to do this on game start because FAudioDevice has not any public getter for list of Sound Mixes. I would like to list them, and pick those I want to set.

What is correct way to setup my custom audio settings in UGameUserSettings::ApplySettings function ?

SInce I want it as soon as possible after game started ( I would like to have this settings applied with other settings).

Thank you,