Load 3D Character Models at runtime?

I would like to let users add their own characters and use them in my shooter.

The fbx importer code is in the editor which is off limits and only works at cook time.
Has anyone used the Open Asset Import Library (assimp) to load a character (with bones, etc.) from a 3D model file at runtime?
Is it even feasible to load a 3D model at runtime in UE4?

Secconded! - I am looking for the same thing!

This thread talks about creating meshes at runtime. It links to a wiki article that includes sample code. So you just need to write the code that takes the structures returned by the model imported and create the UE4 structures using this code.

The problem is that physics for a model also needs to be cooked and that code only runs in the editor. There has been talk of runtime physics cooking, but I haven’t heard anything being done about that.