Load 3 Levels in Same Time, is Possible?

Hi, I’m developing a project related to music and I wonder if I can have 3 different View Ports, two of them with a different level loaded in each separated on the monitor 1 with a fader for the third viewport on the monitor 2 I can create a transition effect of a level to others … is it possible?

Is possible Load More One Level in ViewPorts Diferents ?

I don’t believe it is. I think the only thing you can do is to have one big level and move around like that.
Or you have to have multiple instances of the Unreal Editor open, but that can eat your machine.


is possible i can create widgets with viewports within it? as if it were multiple windows?

Not from what I know. I’ve already done a feature request on this but no answer was given.

try to look for manuals of minimap making, I’ve seen one one youtube - it was made as additional viewport, with camera looking at player from the top. maybe its way of working will help you a little