Lloyn The Moosical

Hello. I am currently looking for a team of skilled individuals who would like to work on a unique project.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Lloyn The Moosical. (this is a pun not horrible grammar)

The main idea of the game is a comedy [FONT=Arial Black]musical. With fun, fast paced, action game play lead by a strong and funny story.
Inspired by South Park The Stick Of Truth, American Dad.

The game is to have:
A comic book art style,
Musical interludes,
And will unfold like a fairytale taking the player to a different land and theme each act.
(Imagine Tenacious D + Shrek + Frozen)

We have a basic script, and i’m positive after reading it you won’t want to miss out.

The Team so far :slight_smile:

Lewis Clark (Me, Project Creator)
1 years experience in Unreal Engine on side projects.

Andrew (Script writer, concept artist)
Bachelors degree in English. experienced in script writing. Basic Unreal Knowledge. Artist.

This is meant to be a unique and fun project. Currently The two of us run a business working full time, We contribute when we can and love every minute doing so.
So Lets make a great game, with a great engine.

If your interested, and would like to read over Lloyn The Moosicals first Script. Contact me at:
Skype: Kinglewey1st

for a little context. Lloyn is a man who gets turned into a Cow
That’s why its a Moosical.

Maybe if he’s heroic enough he might even get knighted. :rolleyes:

sounds cool ^^

Please have a acting stage for loading screen and random parts of the story, could be used for comical 4th wall transitions. I love parody art, music, and games so this sounds awesome.

We love the idea of an acting stage for loading screens :smiley: