Living Room - Sketchup to UE4

Hi, its my 1st post here so I might as well post my workflow from Sketchup to UE4.
Models by John Cedric.

Thanks to Youtube channel Sketchup to Unreal Engine I’ve succeeded (mostly) in importing assets from Sketchup to UE4.
Most of the objects are separated by groups and imported separately from Sketchup via .obj file. As of 4.10, UE4 own UV unwrap for lighting is pretty good for basic shapes.
For complex and higher poly object, I exported to Blender via .dae and unwrap all the UV, rearrange it and generate lightmap UV before exported to UE4 via .fbx.
Its kinda tedious, but I like to transform the free models (credited of course) into quick usable assets in UE4. They’re all for strictly for personal usage.

Are your models directly from sketchup warehouse? If so, can you teach, how to UV lighting them in blender?

SketchUp to Unreal workflow is really easy but you need to know what you want. For complex objects i use 3dsMax flatiron plugin for UV mapping. But basic objects is ideal for SketchUp.

Anyway, i like your design. Maybe you have to improve lighting. I recommend rafareis123’s method.

As @goergingo said, its relatively easy to unwrap in blender, but some complex models need to redo the uv unwrap as sketchup uvmesh is messy.
Fastest, but dirty way is using Smart UV Project in UV mode.

I can increase the lightmass setting but I’m afraid my old 980x won’t like it much. Took me 4h for this scene even with static lightings and only 1 stationary light.
On another note, this archviz landed me a job as Senior 3D Visualizer. Yay me~

Really beautiful work! :slight_smile:

@ drpsyko
can u pls share a video workflow of skp to ue4 that would be a big help for many of us !

Looks great. The only thing I would say so far is that the geometry for the curtains around 17 seconds into the video needs to be cleaned up a bit to look a bit smoother and softer. For the sofa as well, since some areas look a little too triangulated and has some hard edges.

I’m not good at explaining things. But the best advice I could give as a general rule - if the object is too big, split it to pieces, even if its just a wall. UE4 will handle the rest.

Personally I can’t do much about that as manually splitting up polygon in sketchup and rearrange them to be unwrapped automatically in UE4 is really tedious.
Instead I have to manually unwrap them in Max from that moment onward.

Another project I’ve made in my free time.

Still WIP though, no postprocessing etc yet.