Living picture - Age of the autonomous

Free time project I made with the help of friends.
The goal was to show the feeling of hopelessness which can a person feel when communicating with devices that do not understand the situation. Maybe you know it too. Have you tried to use voice assistant and it messed up completely? Now imagine this happens to you in a catastrophe scenario and this device is your only help. How will autonomous truck react in case of a disaster of a much larger scale than just road accident? How should such vehicle, with 0 seats and no connection, react to a person in distress?

Animation by Darek Martel Kladivo Insta - @avedarek Login • Instagram
Music by Štěpán Křivka
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Truck concept by Daniel Pokorný
Behance Insta - @dannymeek

Crashed car by Renafox Renafox (@kryik1023) - Sketchfab

Other assets by
Quixel Megascans
Made in Unreal Engine 4.24