Living in Germany. Looking for Long Distance Partnership (newbies)

Hello there Members of the UE4 Community.

Im Chris, 24, and im looking for a Partner from your place!

I would really like to have frequently Skype contact to somebody. Asking for “newbies” because i am only into the Engine since January.
If you would like to know what my Game is about, then lets first discuss what you are interested in?

On my part, I see many profits in this as this can be also a friendship on a long term, hopefully!
Acquireing skills together, talking to somebody from a different culture, Language, but also technical skills wich are more and more necessary to survive. Honestly I’d rather “Jungle” :wink: but this is society…

Somebody who prefers C++ instead of Blueprint would be A+. Because its more “Gamemaker ppl” here nowdays.

If you are wondering why this “western-ish guy” is asking for somebody from your specific country: Im interested in chinese Martial Arts. Thats what my 2D Sprite Game is about, martial Arts, or Darts (i didnt lol, butt did you?). Been practicing Qi Gong for 6 Years now and am looking to spread it in my place, (- or take over the world someday, heh.) plz dont ask me what i think about Man of Tai Chi :smiley:
Anyways… i found this program, “Spine”, link is down there. Hopefully we will use it someday to make our world come alive. Bones, mesh displacement and really smooth animations are possible altho there is no runtime for UE4 yet (its planned). ->Spritesheets for now, or and make the fundamental gaming possible first!

So if you have “a lot of free time” just hit up that reply button!


Thanks for your attention.
Looking forward to get in contact

hey guy,whats up? Im more than delighted to see those who come from outside China.Although few ppl from other countries would like to talk here.I wish it could be active here in near future.

well.Im interested in your conception about gaming plan, I am a novice in UE though thats what i m possionate about doing.les talk about it

Hi Chris,

It is always nice to meet “western-ish guy” here, I hope you would find your partner soon!

Can you share some of your concept art please? Really want to know what a chinese art created by a western guy is like.

Oh, and btw, from my point of view, most chinese people would prefer Wechat instead of Skype. I think you would know more people if you are willing to share you wechat number here.

Qi Gong is great. I just hope it is not Falungong. Haha.

It is always cool to make friends. I have a full-time job though, still want to know something about your project.

My Skype is Noah Zuo.

Noah Zuo

I was trying “to Wechat” altho it seems to be mobile only? I can get nox running but i really dont see why there is no functionality on windows.
I can talk about the concept, sure. But there is a lot to it. I have some sketchy drawings on paper about my art wich I would rather not upload for now.

In theory the game is all about your spiritual being. One entity who talks to you and you may make a decicion. a lot of storytelling.
This little entity on your screen is questioning a lot, difficult things. even if one could explain it, one would wait to explain things for the right moment. “hmm i wonder what is the meaning of [all this]/[of life]?” “who am i?” “what do i look like?” but you can only choose one of two answers!

the answer would be simple, but since he is asking the gamer himself you cannot just type the answer, because it will not be understood.

summing up:
-the gamer in front of the screen has the ability to guide a little funny guy wich develops during playing.
-the little guy is not aware of things like gaming or computers, its just doing what is necessary or what its being “told”.
-the gamer should at no point be aware of that the little guy is ebodied/represented by himself.
-in the beginning of the game there could be a twist. the game asks you for the name. you answer. but instead of your character being named, the character says his real name and refers to you to whatever you typed in…

-<the entity actually is> you are sitting in front of your rectangle screen but your character is <your dantian. -> holding the ball -> shiny, may be the only light source of the game>
and must fight its way through darkness so you will find who you actually are.

Add me you guys. Skype: chris.b.1

I would really appreciate if you tell me about you. Maybe - what you do, if you have learned c++, your age?
I am 24 Years, i started young with programming, been almost 10 years but i didnt specify it as programming back then.
Later I learned C++ first then on college Java.
I got Cinema4d knowledge, we can discuss art and make concepts if you are enthusiastic about making this game. Altho it didnt seem right to me to use 3d Programs. Also i consider this to be a later aspect of making a game.

Dont excpect me to have done a lot of work already. well i did in some form… design (concepts, game plan, what how when why,…). Altho a movable and colliding character is done with only the APawn component.
Physics? Math genius? I have a fair understanding of Math to make it work without the default unreal Character component
Replication, networking? Uhh hard for me. Im struggling with all the parts that work together. I have some knowledge on this aspect with websockets in javascrpit!

My college was focused on Media… Sound recording, Video producing (with all parts that belong to a film… “the book”, “how when and where the cameras are setup”, “dialoges”, “plot”. we had to make a “book” for each of them)
Javascript :confused: SQL stuff - usual informatics i think
Marketing. Statistics, Psychology. Why to use this kind of Color and what does it make you feel? I really want an aspect of this in whatever game we make together. Maybe even make a big database of all decicions made (i dont think its is an alternative approach on doing a game (sadly, we are being watched))
and to use this decicion making on improving future games! must be a very secure server :wink: sensible data we are talking about.


you are a kickass guy. youve got all things with all-round skills. What the hell cool its. alright ,I read kinda of you. please let me know . should you have any query.