Living Audio: Critters

The aim with Living Audio: Forest Critters is to provide the developer with realistic and easy to implement sounds of wildlife for their project.

In short, this would be a blueprint the developer can drag into their level. They can then select each blueprint to represent a single animal of a certain animal type (bird, amphibian, or insect), or have multiple animals through several species spawn randomly within a resizable box component.

More info:


  • Each animal’s call behavior is procedurally generated through a soundcue. The call behavior is recreated in the soundcue through random range delays and modulators. This means no two animals will ever call or sound the same.

  • Each blueprint has user editable options for each available animal: number of each animal to spawn and audible volume of the call. Here’s an example:



  • Included in the blueprints is a resizable box for random animal spawn placement. Pick a few types of birds to spawn, size the box to the canopy of a tree for easy randomization. Stretch the box across a pond to randomly lay out frog calls. Or simply attach a single bird, insect, or amphibian sound to a mesh in your level.

If you have annotations on, you can see the features listed in the video.

Sounds interesting. Perhaps include an option to have the sound cut out suddenly if the player approaches too close to the sound source? Most animals stop making sounds if you get too close to them.

Thanks for the suggestion, Kirk. I’ve added a feature for animals to stop calling on a user defined distance.

I’ve got this one pretty much done now. Going to try to think of the best name for the package, get together some images and video, then submit it. So for the Plains/Forest package here I have 15 animals (8 different birds, 4 amphibians, 3 insects)

Updated first post with latest info and video demonstration.

Really awesome. Would be interested in buying.

That sounds great, gg :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!