LiViCi Presentation at Performance & XR Symposium

On Oct 1st, at 1:30 pm PST, Sidonie Adamson, Cameron Fraser and Kasha Konaka, three Vancouver-based circus artists, came together at Animatrik Film Design’s Performance Capture facility in Burnaby, British Columbia, under the direction of Shocap Entertainment’s Athomas Goldberg, and Samuel Tétreault of Les 7 doigts de la main, connecting remotely from Montreal.

Exactly 24 hours later, we live-streamed this real-time performance over Zoom and YouTube Live to attendees of the 2020 Performance & XR Symposium #PXR2020](#pxr2020 | Facebook?eep=6&source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG&xts%5B0%5D=68.ARDkfRJ_gLntMxD-fAE7Nzf0A1W8t5Dk3-HZd-JA8MDfw-8DnqkW74J0Xz05fwP0lT9in1YvkE7-NO0x7ad0F2mWO8kRtdSfZdQhjwPWvXpHNV-0o5gBh8SBEn1yDLXEky1f5ddCsFB5Dt9TRL29DZ1zZksquUyH0YkE7RBjvz1XJL_U30bvvzndEFpC2_BLdgMpOlGgOUM2PAKQg8JZ82KYSJxFR0A8m244uDiCQvL9qwIfYWL-px__1BNimQFcELB6GNPanm5a_KNx2LVBFKG_bqSKHBJ4kGmS9obVjWjpxGTPD_DlGjHtcqfq21SX6TcBtRR1qWO0PT6o31-NQXl0OMW07wdv2tc&tn=%2ANK-R).

The piece, inspired by the poem “Remember How We Forgot” from the album Remembrance Year by Canadian Spoken-Word artist, Shane Koyczan, which also serves as the soundtrack, transports the audience, and the performers, into a Warehouse of Forgotten Childhood Memories in an Archipelago of Dreams, to that moment, in all our lives where everything is still possible.

Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

This is absolutely amazing!

looks amazing! Keep it up!