[LIVESTREAM REQUEST] Cloth sim beyond flags and capes

I’d like to see how Epic would make something like a cyclist’s messenger bag. It’s got a fabric strap around the player, and a big cloth bag. It’s not as trivial as a flag, skirt, or cape that most demos show.

Thanks for the request! I’ll see if I can get Lina or some of the other animation programmers to come on for that. Love the idea.

oh yes please do this, i might be a slow learner, but most of the tuts ive seen by other people either skip somthing or i am just not getting it right. Seeing someone from EPIC explain it the way you usely do would realy help

Also something like a weapon sling as seen in Uncharted 4, where it flops around when you have the weapon drawn but goes around your body when slung. That might be too ambitious for a stream though.

This does sound like a good idea! It might be worth waiting until 4.17 though, as that is when we plan to release the first ‘official’ version of our new clothing tools, and would be a good opportunity to explain how they work.