LiveLinkXR blueprint mesh jumps location on play

I am using the LiveLinkXR plugin with a Vive tracker to move a object around in my scene.
If I use the provided BP_LiveLinkXR_DataHandler and associate with a mesh. This process also provides a way to provide another object in the scene as a calibration target actor as a reference to where the tracked mesh is in the world when calibrating. All good but when hitting the play button the tracked mesh vanishes. Stop play and it returns.

To try and retain the mesh when hitting play I have created a blueprint from it and created the following event graph as in the attachment.

The problem I am facing is that after the blueprint mesh has been placed in the location where it needs to be in the scene and the play button is pressed the object jumps to a completely different location in the world. The tracking is working if the Vive tracker is moved the object also moves.

Does the change in location occur as a result of the tracking data values are mapped to the UE4 world coordinates and that the scene which is a room lies outside of those coordinates.

Is it possible to set the spawn point of the object then use that as an offset to the tracking data to keep it in location in the scene.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.