LiveLinkFace facial mocap with any Webcam


I’m working on a python based tool to use the LiveLinkFace Unreal features without using an IPhone. I’ve released my library, based on the MediaPipe library, which basically calculates the facial keypoints of your face and uses that for generating the needed blendshapes in Unreal. It uses the exact same protocol and format the IPhone app does, so you don’t need to install any plugins or other stuff besides the default LiveLinkFace plugin.


I released it under the MIT license so you can use it for free, its uploaded here on GitHub (I’ve also incldued an exe file which contains everything, even the python interpreter so you can just execute is):


Thanks for sharing this. Just been playing around with the .exe version.
No issues to report. I just followed the documentation for iPhone and got everything working. I’m going to have fun with this.

very great.
Where did you get the data format, I want to use him in the body drive?