LiveLink Streamed Data OffSet in BP

Hallo everyone!

I have tracking data coming in via LiveLink. Due to different coordinate systems I set a streamed data offset in my LiveLink preset, so the movement is correct in the engine.

Now I want to move a mesh via BP, but not via “Subject Representation” in a LiveLink Controller component thus the absolute position (as described here: Unreal Engine: OptiTrack Live Link Plugin - NaturalPoint Product Documentation Ver 2.2) but only with a relative transform to the meshes position in the scene.

So I take the tracked data once at BeginPlay, save it in an OffSet variable and subtract it from the tracked data on Tick.

That is working fine for Location, but on Rotation I get flipped axis again, as the raw LiveLink input is flipped.
I solved that by multiplying the flipped axis by “-1”.

But I was wondering if there is a possibility to grab the “Streamed Offset Data” from my LiveLink Preset to have a central point for changing the input coordinates instead of checking all BPs using LiveLink data.

Does anyone have an idea how to get that data from the preset or my LiveLink subject (since"Get Subject Data" is deprecated)?

have you solve this?

Yes, by changing the axis in the tracking software sending the LL data :sweat_smile:

If you still need to do things with the LiveLink data on several actors, try to make your own child class of the LiveLink Component class.
That way you only have to change thisclass and all actors get updated.