Livelink Preview Controller not showing up [Help greatly appreciated]

Hi guys,

I am desperatly trying to make livelink work.

Right now I am working with UE 4.18 and Maya 2018.

I have carefully followed every single step provided here :

However, I am stuck at chapter 4. When it says :

“2. Click the Preview Scene Settings tab, and then under Preview Controller, select Live Link Preview Controller.”

My UE4 UI never offers to select “**Live Link Preview Controller”, **I can only choose between “Default”, “Reference Pose” and “Use Specific Animation”, thus making me completely stuck.

I have done and redone every step before that, I am pretty sure I am doing things rights, but it just does not work :frowning:

Anyone had similar experience with that issue ? Any tip to help me fix it ?

I would love if one could offer a helpful hand on this !

Have a great day guys :slight_smile: