Livelink Face - not working with 4.26.2

After upgrading to 4.26.2, the Live Link Face iOS app is no longer working for me - I can’t see my iphone in the Live Link window.

I’m running on Windows 10, and to date I’ve tried the following actions to resolve the issue:

  • Turning off Windows Defender Firewall
  • Enabling UDP messaging by default in UE4
  • Adding the IP address of my machine in the Unicast endpoint field in the UDP Messaging Project Settings
  • Restarting UE4
  • Restarting my PC
  • Restarting my iPhone
  • Removing and installing the Live Link Face app from my iphone.
  • Ensuring that the protocol selected in the Live Link Face app is “4.25 and Later”

But I’m still not having any joy getting my phone to appear in the Live Link window.

Also I did have Live Link face working with the same machine configuration with 4.24.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks.


Having the same issue here

I eventually found out what my problem was. I hadn’t enabled the ARKit plugin in UE4.26. Soon as it was enabled everything worked fine.


Make sure you also enable ARkit face support as per this video Live Link Face Unreal Engine Free App Tutorial How To Facial MoCap - YouTube

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Thank you guys! After watching 6 different video tutorials, this finally fixed it for me! NONE of the videos mention needing ARkit and ARkitFace plugins turned on. lol

I’ve tried all the options , it still isn’t working. And its frustrating because I did have it working during the summer, on the same pc, same iphone. just different apartments, i moved. so my internet connection changed. i dont know how that should be a factor but it just doesnt work anymore

This whole thing is a buggy mess. I’ve been testing on 2 workstations, one Win10 one Win11, tried 4.26, 4.27, 5.0 on both mixed results lot of crashes. I can see camera on iPhone but no move/rotate control. Also Live Link does not list iPhone. I installed 4.24 and at least Remote2 works an can move/rotate camera in unreal. This should be a lot more stable