LiveLink Camera plugin development issue


I am just developing a customized LiveLink plugin for camera control. In general, most things are functioning quite well, I can see data is coming in and the camera transform is moving correctly. So far so good.

What does not work is the live modifiction of the intrinsic camera parameters. I do define some static components as chip size and aspect ratio which do not become effective on the Camera Actor. Furthermore I feed in some frame data as focal length, no reaction on the Cam Actor either.

I tried to split up the data into different subjects (for Transform and Camera role). What I do not understand is the correct setting in Details / LiveLinkComponentController - Role Controllers. In my opionion I should be able to define different role controllers here, but the only one I can choose is a LiveLink Transform Controller, Camera Role has nothing to choose. Same on both subjects.

Can somebody tell which would be the right approach to affect the intrinsic data ?

Thanks a lot in advance, best regards,


can someone help me?
What is required to change intrinsic settings of the Camera Component via the LiveLink Controller? Or do I need to write a script or blueprint to get this done?

Thanks, best regards,