Livelink and Virtual Cameras in 4.27

Has anyone gotten virtual cameras to work properly in 4.26 or 4.27?
Frustrating in that I can get a connection, but no camera movement, and the moment I enter PIE mode the iOS app closes the connection and have to reconnect.

I wonder if the issue is there isn’t a fully Livelink compatible iOS app available yet?
I am using the Unreal Remote 2.0 iOS app.

In Unreal when I open the LiveLink window my iOS device does not come up.

Also in the official 4.27 notes there is mention of a LiveLink VCAM app but cannot find this anywhere!

Following this tutorial here

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Sounds like you have an address configuration issue. UDP messaging config, address, etc.
Have you checked the Face app as well?

I can’t find it either