Live2D Support in UE4


I am the Lead artist at a small indie studio and we are working on a project in UE4. for the Project we are doing, we are doing the story elements of it in a visual novel style which we are trying to use live2D for.

I’ve was working with Live2D since it came out in english and I totally love working with it.
But we have run into some problems using the animations in UE4.

We have tried some workarounds like making sprite sheets but due to the resolution and the amount of frames required per animation the sprite sheets become unfeasibly big.
We tried a couple of other way to implement it but they did not work too well either.
Having proper support for Live2D would eliminate the need for sprite sheets thus dramatically decreasing the file sizes for the require assets and would allow for existing Live2D functionality.

Unity and some other engines have recently implemented support for Live2D and it is building up quite a lot of support in the west.
The software has been in use in a large amount of games already, particularly in visual novel style games.

Me and my team would love to have a way to incorporate Live2D into our projects.

Regards Josef


Would love Live2D functionality in UE4!
Oh and I’m not just saying that because I’m in your team. :cool:

It’s not Unity team but Live2D team made it work on Unity. In there page they say to contact if you interested in other platform, maybe try to send them email to check how much they thinking to bring there product to UE4:

Also did you guys checked there SDK? i mean native C++ portion of it, maybe implementing it UE4 is not that hard as you think.

Also you could wait for plug-in marketplace to launch, this is when 3rd party should be more interested in bringing there tools to UE4

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: i will definitely show this to the rest of my team who can work with C++.

Hey GodofMoxie,

Thank you for your request to implement Live2D support into UE4. I have submitted a feature request to our developers, this request can be referenced as: UE-15667. However, I have heard back from the developers and at this time, we will not be implementing Live2D into the engine anytime soon. Hopefully this will be something we’ll add into the engine later on down the pipeline.

Have a wonderful day!

To further clarify, Live2D/Cubism does not make a public SDK available as far as I know, so any support would need to come from them. I’d recommend contacting them to see if they already offer or plan to offer a UE4 SDK. I’d certainly be glad to offer guidance in making one if they’re interested.

Michael Noland

This product is very similar to Spriter

Thanks for the added input Michael and Samantha. I have contacted Live2D and they seemed pretty interested but don’t have resources to do it right now. So i can latest hope for future support of some kind.

Regards, Josef Steyn

Thanks for following up, hopefully they will have time in the future. The technology certainly looks very interesting.

Michael Noland

Did you get Live2d to work on UE4? If so how?

I’m working with Unreal 4.15 and I’m having trouble with a a set I bought on Marketplace. I can see my set when I double click the set on Content Browser and it works fine. However, I can’t get the set to stay in the window when I open it up for the first time. I see under Level that it says minimal default (Persistent). How to I set it up where my set opens up to the set instead of having to double click it in the content browser below? Thanks.