Live video smearing/ghosting issue.

I’ve been hitting a couple of walls with this issue, and was wondering if anyone else has a solution for the problem with inputting live video in UE and having ghosting/smearing in certain situations.

So I have a 1080p60fps video input(from a webcam) in UE and when going up close to the asset with the video material there is no ghosting/smearing on the video, but as you go further away from the asset it starts to smear / ghost. Here is a video of the issue (probably need to full screen to see the issue when the asset is far away):

I found others who encounter the same issue:


In his example the smearing is most noticeable near the eyes.

So I can assume this is a compression/temporalAA problem? I read the documentation for temporal upsampling ( Screen Percentage with Temporal Upsample | Unreal Engine Documentation ) and tried to play with the settings but with no results. I tried playing with engine settings/material quality as well. Tried playing it in standalone/viewport/new editor window. No results.

Anyone has any solution for this issue? Thanks for any advice.

Did you solve this problem? The same problem has been bothering me.