Live video capture cards not working for Mixed Reality/Virtual Production

I have been trying to get live video input working for Mixed Reality or Virtual Production and am having no luck. I have tried multiple cards with various problems on each of them. I am opening these up manually in the mediaplayer. Both of the cards below show video in other tools like the manufacturer’s supplied ones or OBS.

The Avermedia Live Gamer 4k GC573 gives me a “failed check output log” when I try to open it in a MediaPlayer object.

The Magewell Pro Capture opens up, gives me 2 tracks with about 322 formats each, but I can’t find one with any video in it.

I tried a Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k card also, but it seems to have problems reading video from my cameras even in it’s own media recorder.

A logitech c920 webcam works ok but I need to get video from a GoPro or DSLR at 60hz so I need an HDMI capture card that works.

I’ve attached output from DXdiag, directshowcapturecapabilities (in a ZIP because it was too big) and an Unreal log where I opened the avermedia and then the magewell card

This is getting really frustrating, please help me find an answer.

I just tested two more USB video capture devices for GoPro 1080p live input

Avermedia LGX2 is a USB device, it fails to open in unreal.

Elgato Camlink 4k a USB device, it seems to work ok in unreal

Why is unreal so picky about video? I’ve tried 5 capture devices so far and only ONE worked. (well, the blackmagic doesn’t work right with my cameras, so I’m not sure how it works in unreal yet)

read this:

and this:

Naseemshanbour…unfortunately those references do not help. A lot of video capture cards simply don’t work at all with unreal.

The two references you posted only cover the AJA and blackmagic cards which do work, but only specific models.

I have the same problem… didnt work ,i even try to use OBS push them rtmp stream,and use UE4 to read it ,it s failure.only can use the beta plugins can read it…
this one

Try NDI or OffWorldLive plugins, good stuff, all tested and performs as expected.