Live streaming from the GDC Show Floor


Chance, Jess and Alexander have a lot of cool things to talk about, developers to interview and announcements to make! Don’t miss it.


Thursday, March 17th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



Chance Ivey - Sr. Community Manager - @Iveytron](
Jess Hider - Community Manager - @JessHider](
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

I’m super excited about new announcements! Fingers crossed! :smiley:


will there be any way for us to watch the events going on @ GDC ?
or will they be recorded like ya’ll have done before?

anyway have fun out there Epic!

We will be streaming all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! You can check out the schedule for Wednesday on the blog, and then the other days we’ll be streaming instructional talks from our booth as well as the weekly community stream. I hope to see you all in the Twitch chat!

Good luck! I’ll be watching the stream!

Epic why no new features that are in the roadmap since 2 years ago ? :frowning:
Or even someone of the reported bugs 1 and 2 years ago.

There are lots of new features? In general, its hard to have the big press announcements on amazing features when your transparent.

VERY good point… We got to see the Galaxy S7 stuff a few weeks ago… the VR editor about a month ago and 4.11 previews. I prefer transparency than to making a big splash at GDC. They spent the time focusing on forward thinking partnerships and market strategies…excellent choice, in my opinion.


First of all the VR Editor has been merged in one day to the Github public, the master from Unreal Engine 4 Github is not giving all the dev from Epic Games, and since a year ago is merging features and error fixes in batch.
Epic is not reporting new features as they made a year ago.
Make a video where you say you got “Advanced Lighting and Shadows” when you are the only engine right now that don’t have Volumetric Light or even realtime GI and say you got “Photoreal Shaders” (And you can “Achieve Film-Quality Results”) when you got for example the worst TemporalAA from the market not sure if can be called “Transparency”.

I say this because I really want Transparency with bug fixes and the addition of the requested features that are in Trello since 2 years ago without changes. Because I need that for the game dev (In particularly the bugs reported, more than the features), not just because I want compare.

Epic Games made an awesome work this time for the video companies or game companies that can pay 800€ for a VR and 10.000€ for a Mocap capture gadget, but tbh I feel like near not made nothing for others users that don’t have the need of use that or the money, and just want bug fixes and no new VR Editors. (I’m talking about GDC2016)

And… for another point of view, see above… <smiles> Good points.


I was also actually thinking what is “Advanced Lighting and Shadows” referring to? ? Cryengine 3’s old lighting model was way more advanced than UE4 atm. Cryengine 2’s volumetric lighting from sun is still superb even today. :confused:

Side note,
Light affecting fog is really nice as well. :slight_smile:

In his presentation of new character rendering technologies for Paragon, Zak talks about tension maps for hair. I understand tension maps as generated maps with information about which vertices get stretched or squished in an animation or during morphing so you can automatically generate wrinkles or other effects. So how does this connect with hair shading? Is it possible to get further information for this and also the other shaders presented there?