Live Stream - SpeedTree UE4 Integration - Tuesday, July 15th at 9PM Est

Hey Everyone,

I’m Matt, am a Senior 3d Artist in the industry during the day, and run a dozen-man large indie team as creative & art director in the evenings. Unreal has been something I’ve used daily since 2008, and I look forward to helping you guys learn and develop your own ideas as well as hopefully share my biggest dream with you all as well.

I will be doing a live stream to cover the basics, and answer any questions of using SpeedTree in UE4 in the context of my indie game, Hanako - Soul of the Samurai ( I want to just experiment, interact with everyone and kinda figure things out together and help any of you get comfortable using the new integration, as well as show you some stuff we’ve been working on for Hanako as well.

Stream will be Tuesday, July 15th at 9PM Eastern until we finish covering all of the things.

See you there, Twitch - Feel free to follow, I like to stream development processes as much as possible for a lot of areas of the engine, so this won’t be the only informational stream. I stream art production almost every night during the week.


Yes! A stream that actually is occurring after hours! Thanks for taking the time to help us.

Please enable to option for the stream to be stored so those of us who can’t watch live will be able to come back to it :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome.

Monophobe - It will be archived/highlighted and I will post those links to this thread after the stream concludes and Twitch posts up my archive.

Live now:

Here is the archived version of the stream.

Thanks for this Matt.

thank you!

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Thanks Matt :slight_smile: Just started watching.