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Straight after the Unreal Stream :slight_smile:

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3 - “Getting The Most Out Of Texture Compression” — Beginner - Intermediatte
A stream aimed at everybody! I have a tendency to go off on tangents and not explain things very well, so tomorrow should be much better. I’ll show you some tips and tricks to get the most out of texture compression and save memory and file-sizes in your projects without sacrificing quality:


  • Info On Texture Compression & The Different Formats
  • Channel-Packing Textures
  • Compression Types & When To Use Them
  • When to use Math vs Textures
  • How to use shared texture-sampling in materials

Look forward to seeing some faces! :slight_smile:

  • TJ

Previous Streams:

2 - “Flexible Camera System in C++”Watch On YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES89MNI_4jo) — Intermediate
In stream I’ll be going over several of the core Unreal Engine 4 classes that manage the viewport of the player. We’ll be creating a system that allows us to attach a Camera to any object in the scene. would be useful for RPG’s, Role-Playing Games and/Or vehicles where you need to see the world from different perspectives all the time.


  • Info On Player Camera Manager
  • Modifying PCM
  • Custom Camera Spring Arm
  • Custom Actor Components
  • Switching View On Pawn Possesion

1 - “Demystifying The Product”Watch On YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBzGWDbH0VU&list=UUZLvP-f2oqnvGq7_hO_Y4bw) — Intermediate
Not too advanced. In stream, I go over several uses of the ’ Product’ in materials. I’ll be showing you how to step-by-step build several materials and material functions that you can use over and again in real scenarios, and teaching a little bit of the Math and background behind how the Product actually works, so that you can go away and think up your own uses for it :slight_smile:


  • *Intro to Products - The Math & Outcome
  • Mesh-Based Fading in a Muzzle Flash Particle System
  • Creating a Soft-Edged Ultra-Customizable Fresnel Effect*

And finally, we’ll combine knowledge to create a planetary Atmosphere Shader, applying a similar technique to the one I used for The Blue Marble.


Wow. It sounds incredible. I’m more interested for c++ and multiplayer topics because there are not too many of them. Even though i can’t join to stream, i’ll watch it from youtube. Thanks for your contribution to community.

Thanks :slight_smile: If the stream time is too late or awkward for everybody, let me know and I’ll see about arranging and easier time!

Sounds good, followed your twitch, Will see you there, :smiley:

Sounds awesome. I can never watch any of the streams due to my Time Zone … so I always have to catch them on YouTube. Looking forward to these. Thanks. 8-}

Well now, should be interesting… Never been Demystified before… :stuck_out_tongue:

But back on topic, sounds good man! I’ll definitely check it out!

YouTube link is up!

New stream coming next week, Flexible Camera Management in C++

Wow really keen for c++ stream. I just realized i missed the first stream but thanks for uploading it to youtube. There are some questions i want to ask about using visual studio with unreal engine. Should i ask them from thread now or at the end of stream?

Feel free to ask questions here :slight_smile: Can answer them straight away and people can follow along then if they want.

A pity that your streams are not stored on your twitch channel. Would love to watch them, since I missed it^^

Here are my questions. I hope they are not much noobish questions because i’m a 3d artist that trying to learn c++ and unreal engine programming :slight_smile:

  1. Intellisense drives me crazy. It’s too slow and most importantly sometimes not even working on header files (for unreal releated macros and types especially). Deleting a character and using undo sometimes fix some problems but not all of them espacially on 4.7 because we got source with 4.7 for debugging and there are lots of classes to parse. Disabling it is not the best solution for me because i’m just a beginner and it warns me for some of problems. I’m using vax for auto-completetion but i want some basic syntax errors too.

  2. Next line to unreal engine macros always indent, i looked some of visual studio and vax settings but couldn’t find anything to fix it. It’s a very basic error but it always forces me to delete that /tab character on there manually and it’s very annoying. I really wonder if everyone using visual studio with unreal engine bear with kind of problems.

Thanks :slight_smile:

They’re on YouTube ! Twitch only let’s you keep past streams for a limited period of time now, and youtube has a better player too :wink:

On topic, sorry folks I’m going to have to delay one by a week. There’s a bunch of GDC stuff going on so I suspect most folks will be watching that, and work just doesn’t permit me the time week :frowning: I’ve updated the countdown!

Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to your stream and I’ll be sure to keep it bookmarked.

Nice… I didn’t knew product had so many uses…

Still on for tonight!

What time do you usually stream? Hope I can catch it live. :stuck_out_tongue:

Countdown in the Original Post up top, approx 50 mins from now!

Aha. That was blocked on the public wifi network I’m using. I see it now. Thanks :smiley:

New tutorial tomorrow straight after the Unreal Stream! How to get the most out of texture compression :slight_smile: