Live stream request - Asset Manager

I would like to request a live stream or additional documentation on the Asset Manager, Primary Assets and best practises for loading/unloading assets. There is very minor documentation for it, and it would benefit a lot of teams/people. I heard it was uses extensivley in Fortnite to reduce memory usage by not loading what is not needed.

So i would like to see more documentation and/or a Live Stream.


Just a small bump, as i feel this would be a interesting and really useful live stream.

Another small bump, i really do think this would be a good idea for asset memory management!

Seems like no one is really interested.

I’d love to see more on it too. Something like that would be pretty insightful.

Bumps are good. Livestream suggestion valid and noted - will do our best to make it happen :slight_smile:

I did try to space out the bumps lol :smiley:

I would also welcome livestream or something that would explain more how to use asset manager since there aren’t any proper tutorials how to use it and why with C++ and Blueprints.