Live Stream in UE4

I know that I can Media stream in UE4 and i am doing exact that.

But is there any way to play a Live Stream video in UE4 Media Stream. ?

Stream from VLC as the following:

set your path to be /folder/play.asf “http”

your stream output settings should be: ASF/WMV , set video output to MJEPG with your desired bitrate, disable audio- optional. and then load in media player “http://localip:8080/folder/play.asf/

localip should be 192.16*.. … etc…

i want to set up a Live stream for AndroidMedia , according to documentation , only .mp4 , …3gpp , .aac , .m3u8 is supported for android media player.

Upon changing streaming settings to :
path : /folder/play.mp4
encapsulation : H.264 +Mp3 (Mp4) (Epic is recommending to use this standard)
video codec : H-264

it is not playing !

any changes you want to suggest ?


Sadly, the stream did not work with MP4 with me… but i’m pretty sure VLC has problems with codecs… I believe you have to download VLC codecs just before streaming… Because i tried to stream to http and let a different VLC window read the stream but it fails… so UE4 will also fail… basically try to stream to yourself. if it did not work that means missing codecs or there’s no way to livestream in MP4 format… WMV stream only worked with me. sorry i tried… and if you managed to stream to in .mp4 please tell me because i’m having the same problem.

You need to use a StreamMediaSource for this. Set the URL field to the address of the stream.

Not all platforms support the same streaming protocols and video codecs. Check first two tables on the Media Framework Technical Reference for supported combinations.

VlcMedia is not included on that page as it is not an officially supported plug-in. However, It probably has the best support of all the plug-ins and should be able to consume pretty much anything. Anything that will work in VLC Player should also work in the VlcMedia plug-in. The only exception that I know of is YouTube, because VLC Player implements some custom YouTube container parsing code in Lua that is not part of the LibVLC core libraries, and I haven’t had time to port it to UE4 yet.

HOLY ■■■■!!!

I SOLVED IT!!! I used Twitch, I assume YouTube will work similarly but I will teach with Twitch!!

So use OBS or other streamer of choice to stream to Twitch.

So hear me out!! You have to use also install the VLC Media Framework plugin for Unreal Engine 4. This is the 4.18 port. GitHub - ue4plugins/VlcMedia: Media Framework plug-in using the Video LAN Codec (libvlc).

Grab your desired profile URL while streaming and enter it here to get the .m3u8 stream: Stream URL Extraction Tool

Right click 1080p60 (or whichever of your choice and press Copy Link Address.

You should get a massive URL like:

Rename this to have .mp4

Enter this URL to the StreamMediaSource URL.
Under Platforms, switch Windows from Windows Media Foundation (WmfMedia) to VideoLANPlayer (VLCMedia), and voila!!!

:smiley: I am so happy right now!

Thanks! for youtube live - on 4.24: I cloned master (version of 13.12.2018) of the VLC Media Framework plugin and get URL m3u8 like here in the StreamMediaSource.