Live Research/Tutorial/Quick Access(multiple videos) - Youtube Channel

Hi everybody,

I have been a user of Unreal for quite a while now, and usually I do 1-3h a day of research based on my mood of the day. I put myself a goal and try to do it within the next 30min to 1h. I record these tests and then can sometimes go back to it later, or see where I make mistake and learn from it.

Recently (pushed by some co-workers that saw me doing it at their company where I was freelancing) I decided to actually upload these videos after recording them. While it isn’t per se a tutorial (not edited), the goal is to go to A to B in a short time and it help to learn as well and see the challenge that came and spark a discussion for solving it, or even what would be a better way to approach it.
On the youtube channel there are/will be as well some Tutorials (planned in advanced and edited to be clear) and videos I like to call “Quick Access”; I am often called in different companies to train people, and quick access is the way I explain the team a specific thing, while trying to get them started asap. On a quick access I only focus on what needs to be learn to start right away while skipping a lot of “not so important” part for beginner, the goal being that the artist can produce within the first few hours of touching the soft for the first time.

One of the first series of Live Research uploaded was started by a discussion in a company where I was working about the game No Man’s Sky, and the procedural Universe it has. From there, thanks to the comments on the youtube channel, I started to add to it ( color change based on distance to sun, laser gun, gravity, inventory, crafting…).

I wanted to share the link to the channel ( Captain Game Engine - YouTube )

As well as the first few videos that have been uploaded during the past few weeks :

Quick-Access : PopcornFX for UE4 : - YouTube

Live Research 001 : Blueprint Box Text for in Game Tutorial : - YouTube

Live Research 002 : NMS Procedural Planet Spawning : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 002 : NMS color based on distance : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 003 : Laser Gun with line Trace : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 004 : Gravity per Planet (Failed ) : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 005 : Gathering Resources with Laser Gun and display on HUD : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 006 : Respawning Resources and BP with swapping mesh for Resources : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 007 : Basic Inventory system with slots and Coal Generator BP : - YouTube

Live Research 002 - part 008 : Factorio Style Furnace melting Iron with Coal to do Iron plates/ 3D Widgets : - YouTube

Tutorial 001 : Automatic Multi-purpose Reusable Platform Blueprint : - YouTube (From my work on the game “Dream” by Suspended Reality).

Here is as well the link to my website : (if you want to know a bit more about me:))
When the tutorial or research is not part of a game I worked on, I will upload the asset once the video is done. (The tutorial of text with box trigger is already uploaded).

I would love to get feedback, but also spark discussion about better way to approach it, any new idea you would like me to try, and such. As well, after this research 002, I am planning to start the dev of a game that will includes these research in, while I will be developing this game alone on my freetime, from content to gameplay, and doubt it will be anywhere ready to test before at least a year, I will still upload each progress videos the same way.
I usually post a videos every 2 or 3 days, depending if I am booked on a job or not. In some case; like “Dream”, I am allowed to post a video based on the game I am working on. But it is quite frankly rare.

I hope these videos help some of you.

Thank you!

Interesting idea, I will give it a look when i get the chance!

Hi Steve_T,


Adding a new video today :

Live Research 002 - part 009 : Distance between Planet/ Crafting menu/BP Structure/BP Function : - YouTube

Uploading another one tonight as well.

New videos is up!

Live Research 002 - part 010 : widget to widget/Recap/New Goal 1 year/1game. :

Edit : And another one :

Live Research 002 - part 011 : Procedural mesh Terrain Blueprint Only part 1 :