Live Mesh Mods

Hi, I’ll post info about my upcoming product, Live Mesh Mods, here. All kinds of feedback are more than welcome!

As I’m currently wrapping up things, it would be especially useful if you could write about the kind of sample content you’d like.

LMM is a pack of material functions. You can add these into your materials to modify the shapes of meshes.

Some features:

  • 6 material functions: spherify, boxify, cylinderify, bend, wave, twist
  • In addition to position offsets, all MFs create/modify normals/tangent bases if neccessary/applicable
  • Mid-frequency hard-surface details can be preserved with the help of intact offset regions(for example, stings of a porcupine fish that’s getting “spherified”)
  • Bend, twist and wave can be stacked in any order. Spherify, boxify, cylinderify can only be the first one in a stack.
  • Boxify and cylinderify has options for rounding edges/corners
  • Boxify, cylinderify and spherify has options for creating UVs with multiple UV layout options where useful
  • Wave isn’t a sine wave, it preserves the centerline length of the mesh. Also, the softness of the wave can be adjusted
  • Scalar(greyscale) displacement maps are supported except on intact offset regions.

Remaining pieces of work:

  • One tiny optimization
  • Polishing comments & MF/tooltip descriptions(mostly done)
  • Documentation(text & video)(half-done)
  • Sample content

Thanks for stopping by!

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