Live Link Usage?

I know that this is experimental, but how can I get Maya to properly feed live pose data into unreal?
I’ve got the Live Link Pose node in the Anm BP and I’ve got the Source set in the Live Link window. I have the Plugin in Maya and I’m using an SK rigged with ART if that matters, but I couldn’t find any other Live Link info in Maya after enabling the plugin. Any ideas?

See this video for all the info I could find online.

Actually I was using ART v2. Maybe I need to be using ART v1? Anybody know?

No luck with ARTv1

similar situation here… Trying ART v1 and UE 4.16 to stream with the mannequin but UE crashes when im trying to add a new Live Link Source in Live Link window


Livelink is hardcoded to search for a top node as either “root” or “arcblade:root” within MayaLiveLinkPlugin.cpp. You don’t need Art tools for livelink, just take the block of code out of the source and recompile. Unfortunately I think this will stream everything in the scene so you’ll want to probably add a feature for streaming only specified objects. Live link is still in a dev stage. Still pretty cool.

Remove this:

		if (!Name.Equals(TEXT("arcblade:root"), ESearchCase::IgnoreCase) &&
			!Name.Equals(TEXT("root"), ESearchCase::IgnoreCase))

Bro, If you please, how do I write the code for the .mll for Mac OS 13.3.3. or better on Maya 2018?

the was accepted on my mac, but the .mll was not. How may I write it for Mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.