Live link track not included in render

Hi there,
I have a sequencer take with a face link track that animates a metahuman’s face. When rendering the sequence via movie render queue, the facial animations are not included in the render…
What am I missing here?

hello there! did you happend to find a solution?
I’m on the same situation :frowning :frowning:

I had the same issue.
You need to add the Metahuman to sequencer, delete the control rigs, right click on the Face and Bake an Animation. This Animation can then be rendered into movies.

Totally not intuitive since the live link recording plays already correctly in the sequencer…

A way I got this to work was getting rid of all live link ‘sequencer’ subjects in my Live Link window. As well as exiting any sequencer windows that are open.

It seems live LiveLink activates two subjects, one for the sequencer that is open and one for the movie render queue, having the sequencer open seems to make livelink run off the sequencer subject and not the movie render subject.